Aaron Bird Bear
Assistant Dean
CAP Director

Despite my Mandan and Hidatsa Nation ancestors calling the central plains home for thousands of years, I have lived in 11 states, including the East Coast, Gulf Coast and West Coast, and the mountains of Colorado.

Fun Fact: Aaron is a futbol fan and traveled around Brazil and Canada for the last two World Cups.

Sa Seng Xiong
Advisor and Recruiter
CAP Supervisor

Sa Seng is an Academic Advisor and Recruiter for the School of Education in the Student Diversity Program. He also was a former UW-Madison Admissions Counselor and had reviewed thousands of student applications.

Fun Fact: Sa Seng can tolerate over a million Scoville in spicy level.

Christopher Barnes
CAP Lead Coordinator

Christopher is a doctoral student in the Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) program with a concentration in Higher Education Administration.

Fun Fact: Christopher is a product of summer pre-college programs, similar to CAP, and an avid runner (mostly 5k or more).

Jamila Lee-Johnson
CAP Assistant Coordinator

Jamila is a doctoral candidate in the Education Leadership and Policy Analysis (ELPA) program.

Fun Fact: Jamila used to come to Madison every summer from 6th-10th grade to participate in pre-college programs.

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Susan Orourke
Program HR

Connie Xiong
Office Assistant

2018 CAP group photo.
2018 CAP group photo.
CAP student zip line.
CAP student zip line
CAP student explaining math pattern to other members.
CAP students explaining math pattern to other members.